Fitness - Keep body fit and healthy

In modern days due to modern lifestyle and busy routine, more peoples are suffering from numerous types of diseases and illness. That’s make everyone cautious about fitness. Generally Fitness is a personal health maintenance activity. In simple term fitness means keep body in fit and healthy. In medical term simple term fitness is a health care activity whose main objective is to improve or restore health, or treating or preventing disease. It includes all steps make to get and stay physically and mentally fit. It is a daily routine or exercise to maintain physical fitness and good mental health. Fitness is also gain by eating well, self-medicating, practicing good hygiene and avoiding health hazards such as smoking and Radon to prevent ill health. Fitness program is also taking care of minor ailments, long term conditions, or one’s own health after discharge from secondary and tertiary health care.

Everyone can get fitness by self care or by fitness tips from individuals, experts and professionals. Fitness plays an important role in rich countries where people are becoming more conscious about their health and want to have a greater role in taking care of themselves. 

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