Meditation - The true form of concentration

In simple term Meditation can be defined as the art of concentration to keep body fit and fine. Since the old days Meditation is remains one of the useful Fitness technique. Meditation is a practice of control the minds to reduce stress, gain relaxation, and enhances personal and spiritual growth. According to medical term Meditation is a method of to relieve stress and pain. Regardless of religious or cultural background, any person can be practiced meditation to gain the benefits of it. The Meditation word is comes from the Latin word meditatio which means 'to think or meditate'.

Kinds of Meditation

* Bahai Meditation
In this meditation along with prayer, meditation is one of the primary tools for spiritual development. There is no specified technique for the meditation.

* Buddhism Meditation
It's one of the most popular meditation techniques around the globe. In here meditation techniques are deeply described in ancient Buddhist texts.

* Christianity Meditation
It’s used to get touch and feel of the god. In here meditation is more depend on stimulate thought and deep meaning.

* Hinduism Meditation
It's one of the oldest form of Meditation. In here our soul is the main source of power.

* Islamic Meditation

* Jainism Meditation

* Judaism Meditation

* Modern Meditation

* Sikhism Meditation

* Taoism Meditation

* Jiddu Krishnamurti

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